HZSS is honored to provide service and support to customers related to heat exchangers. Our service consists of: technical support, company inspection, heat exchangers providing, after-sales service.

Service when you are developing new products

Technology Support

If you have problem about heat exchangers when developing new product, you can ask our engineers for help. In China mainland you can also apply for door-to-door service.

Sample Supply

Before mass production we can provide you some samples for testing purposes. And if you are our VIP customer, We can provide samples for free.

Customized products

HZSS can provide customized heat exchangers for you, and the minimum order quantity is not restricted. For the customized heat exchangers, we disclose all developing and manufacturing progresswith you.

Heat Exchanger Test

HZSS have professional and modernized test center for checking the performance of heat exchangers, and most of the test data can be share with you.

Company Inspection

HZSS welcome you to inspect our manufacturing base. And if you are planning to come, please inform 5 working days earlier.

If you need the inviting letter please contact our sales manager.

Traffic Nearby HZSS

Airport: Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Quzhou Airport

Railway Station: Jinhua, Longyou, Quzhou, Hangzhou

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If you want to Inquiry, please filling the Model Selection Table, or call +86-571-6451 0919/+86-571-8700 3015. Usually your enquiry will be replied within 2 days by phone or email.

Fax: +86-0571-6451 5888

In order to better serve you and your company, HZSS will need to know your company these information to help with the inquiry:
• Company name
• shipping address
• payment items
• type of trading
• order No.
• HZSS drawing No
• required quantity.

We will forecast the time and price for you.

Order On line

Standard products can be found in on, please call +86-0571-64510919 or email to order.

HZSS have sold heat exchangers to more than 80 countries and areas. Now we have agents in Korea, India, Israel, Czech etc. You can order heat exchangers from HZSS directly, or you can contact our agent to order.

Choose of Product

Fill in the Model Selection Table and HZSS will help you choose the heat exchangers meeting your requirements.

When choosing the heat exchangers, we do need you to confirm the working condition, what is the refrigerating media( sea water, salt water etc), closed loop or open loop, environment temperature of no-for-using side. These information will have direct affect to the type and material for heat exhcangers.


New Customer

In order to make customer code, HZSS need you to supply your company Licence(eg. business certificate), bank information, company information(location,Zip code, website, contact information). For time saving, please send us these information when the first time you are ordering.

Export order

We need you to fill out the complete order orders, including the serial number of drawings and special requirements, the order number and the quantity, amount of purchase products, trade terms, payment terms, shipping information, the mode of transportation, the preference of the ports, packaging requirements (including shipping), whether the special file to certificate of origin and delivery time, in order, please also submit the order. Please refer to our contract template for bulk orders.

Payment Terms


Terms of Trade

1 - EXW

2 - FOB

3 - CIF

Heat Exchangers Return

If you need to return heat exchangers, please fill in the Heat Exchanger Return Table and sent it to our sales manager. Usually you will get the reply within 2 working days.


If you are not satisfied with the products you have got from HZSS, you can contact the sales manager who sold you the heat exchangers.

Warranty usually start from the day when heat exchanger is installed and last for 12 months and warranty only contain the defect of manufacturing and material, but under no condition will the warranty last more than 15 months. In warranty period, HZSS will fix the product for free, and if the heat exchanger can not be fixed than we will change a new one for you. Beyond warranty period, the repair service will be paid for.

For HZSS to find the problem and dealing with it earlier, we wish you to filling the Product Problem Reply Letter and send it to us.

FAX:+86-571-6451 5888

Service Standard

After receiving your apply for after-sales service, Our sales manager will reply you within 24 hours(except weekend and holiday).