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Vapor Chamber

Vapor Chamber

Vapor chamber, has very strong heat transfer ability at two-dimensional surface, which can extension concentrated heat source and make the heat evenly distributed on the plate. And it can effectively reduce conduction thermal resistance, contact heat resistance and heat transfer resistance.

Working Principle

The structure of vapor chamber is show as the followed pic. It is mainly composed of the sealing chamber, the support column, the capillary structure and the working fluid. The filling work fluid is sealed after vacuum. The heating part of the cavity is called the evaporation zone, and the heat exchange part is called the condensation area. Working fluid in the evaporation absorbs heat vaporization and rapidly extended to the whole cavity, then gives off heat in the condensing zone and condensed to be liquid, and liquid fluid back to evaporation area by capillary structure, so to realize the rapid transfer of heat.

Shape and Structure


vapor chamber



HZSS vapor chamber’ material can be chose from: oxygen-free copper, aluminum, titanium etc.

Vapor Chamber Features

Thermal conductivity: equivalent thermal conductivity is greater than 2000W/m•K
Max. heat flux density: 200W/cm2
Temperature for storage: -60℃~140℃
Working temperature: 5℃~100℃
Max. size: 800mm×800mm
Min. thin:2.0mm


Vapor chambers are widely used for aviation, aerospace, electronics, laser, power, lighting and other industries. It has excellent performance in cooling applications and applications of high heat flux devices.

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