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HZSS heat exchanger won second place in hangzhou city's "eagle cup"

HZSS heat exchanger won second place in hangzhou city's "eagle cup"
Issue Time:2011-04-02
HZSS heat exchanger co., LTD is the first manufacturer of coaxial heat exchanger, one of the main pipe heat exchanger, coaxial heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator, titanium, stainless steel heat exchanger, heat exchanger, heat recovery heat exchanger products. The company has its own intellectual property rights, and the internal multi-head spiral corrugated pipe and its processing technology have obtained the national utility model and invention patent respectively. The material of product diversity, inner and outer tubes made of copper, nickel, copper, stainless steel, iron, pure titanium, aluminum brass tube copper (navy), pure aluminium, etc., can be widely applied to water chiller, air-cooled/water, water/ground source heat pump units, air source heat pump units, heat recovery units, economizer, Marine air conditioning, swimming pool/bathroom equipment, bathing beach, laser cooling, oil cooling refrigeration and air conditioning industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, chemical industry and other fields.