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heat exchanger for geothermal heat pump

Heat Exchanger For Gothermal Heat Pump

Warer/ground source heat pump is device for making heat/cold air or heat/cold water. Geothermal heat pump's heat/cold source come from water of buried pipe, well, lake, river,sea, sanitary sewage, industrial sewage etc.
Note:Water can be salt water, Ethylene glycol aqueous solution.

Geothermal heat pump classification
Cold/heat air unit:heat exchanging devices at user side are coiled pipes with air suppling and adjusting system;
Heat/cold water unit:heat exchanging devices at user side are heat exchanger of water-refrigeration.
Water loop unit:using water in public pipe as heat/cold source.
Underground water unit:using underground water as heat/cold source.
Buried pipe unit:Using water circularly flow in the buried pipe as heat/cold source.
Surface water unit:using water in lake, river, sea, sanity sewage, industrial waste water.
Excample of coaxial heat exchanger for geothermal heat pump
Model List of Heat Exchanger for geothermal Heat Pump
ModelRefrigerantWater Inlet
Water FlowHeating
°C°FGPMm3/hKWBtu/h KWBtu/h
SS-0075GT-WR410A30861.990.453.411600 2.69000View Drawings
SS-0100GT-WR410A30862.650.604.615500 3.511900View Drawings
SS-0150GT-WR410A30863.980.906.823300 5.317900View Drawings
SS-0200GT-WR410A30865.301.209.131000 7.023900View Drawings
SS-0250GT-WR410A30866.631.5111.438800 8.829900View Drawings
SS-0300GT-WR410A30867.951.8113.746600 10.535800View Drawings
SS-0350GT-WR410A30869.282.1115.954300 12.341800View Drawings
SS-0400GT-WR410A308610.602.4118.262100 14.047800View Drawings
SS-0500GT-WR410A308613.253.0122.877600 17.559700View Drawings
SS-0600GT-WR410A308615.903.6127.393100 21.071600View Drawings
SS-0650GT-WR410A308617.233.9129.6100900 22.877600View Drawings
SS-0750GT-WR410A308619.884.5234.1116400 26.389600View Drawings
SS-0200GT-PR410A30865.301.209.131000 7.023900View Drawings
SS-0250GT-PR410A30866.631.5111.438800 8.829900View Drawings
SS-0300GT-PR410A30867.951.8113.746600 10.535800View Drawings
SS-0350GT-PR410A30869.282.1115.954300 12.341800View Drawings
SS-0400GT-PR410A308610.602.4118.262100 14.047800View Drawings
SS-0500GT-PR410A308613.253.0122.877600 17.559700View Drawings
SS-0600GT-PR410A308615.903.6127.393100 21.071600View Drawings
SS-0650GT-PR410A308617.233.9129.6100900 22.877600View Drawings
SS-0750GT-PR410A308619.884.5234.1116400 26.389600View Drawings
Test Condition:Heat Exchanger Becomes to Condenser, Condensing Temperature 40℃, Subcooling Temperature 3℃;Heat Exchanger Becomes to Evaporator, Evaporating Temperature 10℃, Condensing Temperature 43℃, Subcooling Temperature 5℃, Superheat Temperature 2℃.
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