Evaporator Solution
HZSS evaporator will provide a good and stable boiling process, when the temperature difference between refrigeration and second liquid is little. A low temperature difference means that a higher pressure may be corresponding to a higher evaporation temperature.
Condenser Solution
Heat is transferred from the refrigerant to the water cooled circuit and then used to heat the water. Heat through gas cooling, condensation, and supercooled liquid refrigerant to transfer, by increasing the water temperature, make its close to even more than condensation temperature, condenser temperature difference between inlet and outlet has been fully utilized.
Product applicable conditions: 1. CO₂coaxial heat exchanger’ max. running temperature can be 135℃,and max. running pressure can be 14MPa. 2. CO₂coaxial heat exchanger can be used for CO₂transcritical cycle as cooler, evaporator, heat regenerator or oil cooler.
Economizer Solution
Some (usually 10-20%) refrigerants can be vaporized above evaporator's evaporation temperature, while significantly increasing the over-cooling performance of residual cooling fluids. The economizer provides the system with two advantages:
Improve Engine Efficiency Solution
The flue gas-sCO₂heat exchanger is H²X independently developed by Hangzhou Shenshi (the high-pressure sCO2 side is a micro-channel structure, the low-pressure flue gas side is a plate-fin type, and the two versions are integrated heat exchangers using diffusion bonding). The three parts of waste heat can be efficiently recovered at the same time, and the thermal efficiency of the diesel engine has been improved by 3.84%, which has become a potential technical solution.