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The Refrigeration Cycle - How an Air Conditioner Works

Author: Zhenjie Yang2017-08-02

The above diagram depicts a simple air conditioner. Inside an air conditioning system is a chemical refrigerant which is a chemical compound that easily changes states from liquid to vapor and back again. A common trade name for refrigerant which you may be familiar with is Freon...more >>

Refrigerant R22 and R410A

Author: Zhenjie Yang2017-08-02

Can R-22 systems just use 410A?
Unfortunately, no. These refrigerants are incompatible, meaning that if you don’t upgrade your system, you can’t use 410A.What are the brand names for each of these refrigerants that I may have heard? ...more >>

What are the main advantages of ammonia as a refrigerant?

Author: Zhenjie Yang2017-07-06

Ammonia is one of the most climate-friendly and cost-efficient refrigerants to heat, cool and freeze. It is also:
Non-ozone depleting: Ozone Depletion Potential = 0
Non-climate damaging: Global Warming Potential = 0
Abundant: part of natural cycles, essential for many biological processes...more >>


Author: Zhenjie Yang2017-07-06

The term subcooling refers to a liquid existing at a temperature below its normal boiling point. For example, water boils at 373 K; at room temperature (300 K) the water is termed "subcooled". A subcooled liquid is the convenient state in which, say, refrigerants may undergo the remaining stages of a refrigeration cycle.[1] Normally...more >>

coaxial heat exchangers

How Does Coaxial Heat Exchanger Work?

Author: Zhenjie Yang2017-06-25

A coaxial heat exchanger is a kind kind of tube heat exchanger, it is usually used as condenser or evaporator in a heat pump, marine air conditioner, swimming pool, water chiller etc. Mostly it is a water cold heat exchanger...more >>