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Our History

2005 >


Hangzhou Shenshi Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd., who is now called Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., was established at hangzhou xiasha economic and technological development zone.


Old photo of Hangzhou Xiasha factory

2006 >

Jun.  Passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification.

Aug.  Applied ERP system.

Nov.  Got UL/C certificate.

2007 >

Apr.  HZSS established hangzhou shenshi coaxial heat exchanger high - tech r&d center.

Jun.  Got RoSH certificate.

Dec.  Moved to Jiande manufacturing base

The first batch of employees took photos at the manufacturing base

2008 >

May.  The product was listed as "new product test in zhejiang province".

Jun.  Industrial production license was obtained.

Jun.  Got ISO9001:2008 quality certificate.

Jun.  Updated ERP system.

Sep.  The research and development center had been identified as "the center for the development of high-tech r&d center" in jiande city.

Dec.  Completed the first batch of provincial new product pilot project acceptance.

Dec.  HZSS was recognized as "high-tech enterprise in hangzhou".


High and new technology industry in Hangzhou

2009 >

Mar.  Large enterprise mobile collaboration office management software W3 system was put into use.

Jun.  Got CRAA certification.


Chairman had a keynote speech at CRAA annual meeting

Jul.  HZSS undertook the national science and technology type sme innovation fund project.

Oct.  HZSS was rated as "the top 10 most popular brand" by the mainstream media in China.

Dec.  HZSS research and development center was listed in "the development plan of hangzhou municipal high-tech r&d center".

Dec.  HZSS was identified as "the national key high-tech enterprise".

High-tech enterprise certificate

2010 >

Dec.  HZSS research and development center had been identified as "zhejiang high-tech r&d center".

High-tech r&d certificate

2011 >

Mar.  Won "the silver award of the most promising enterprise" of the "baby eagle cup" in hangzhou in 2010.

Apr.  Double wall heat exchanger was authorized by the Chinese intellectual property office.

May.  Got measurement management system certification (AA).

Jun.  HZSS was identified as "standardized good behavior enterprise (AAA)".

Jul.  HZSS was identified as "the innovative pilot enterprise" in hangzhou.

Aug.  TradeMail system was put into use.

Sep.  Undertook the national torch program project.

Sep.  Obtained special equipment manufacturing license (small pressure container for air conditioning refrigeration).

Dec.  HZSS heat exchange was award as "Hangzhou famouse brand".

Hangzhou famous brand

2012 >

Apr.  The company host the meeting of set draft standard for shell & pipe heat exchanger.


HZSS heat exchanger in industry standards

Jul.  To undertake the national key new product project.

Jul.  Sale manage system CRM came to use.

Otc.  The company was rated as "the top ten satisfaction brand of China heat pump accessories industry" in 2012.

The satisfied brands of heat pump accessories in China

Nov.  Won the 2012 "China refrigeration polar bear award star brand".

Nov.  Undertook the major scientific and technological innovation project in hangzhou.

2013 >

Jan.  HZSS was identified as "pilot enterprise" in hangzhou.

Aug.  Deeply used the 3d design software SOLIDWORKS and PDM system.

Sep.  Hangzhou ten industry office identified HZSS as “the top ten industrial enterprises” in hangzhou.

Nov.  HZSS was identified as "Zhejiang province patent demonstration enterprise".

Dec.  HZSS was identified as "example company of robots replace human".

Dec.  HZSS was identified as “innovative demonstrate company".

Dec.  New coaxial heat exchanger was awarded "science and technology progress award".


Innovative small and medium sized enterprises in 2013

2014 >

Jun.  The company completed the shareholding reform,and renamed as Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.

Jul.  Successful landed "new three board", became public company.


HZSS listed successfully

Sep.  HZSS was identified as "Hangzhou famouse brand".

Dec.  Idendified as "the most creativity company".

Jul.  HZSS was awarded "goverment quality award" by Jiande goverment.

2015 >

Jun.  Microchannel heat exchanger was awarded "the Geneva invention award".

Jul.  HZSS institute was established.

Sep.  It was selected by China heat pump industry alliance as "the top ten accessory enterprises" in China's heat pump industry.

Dec.  Finalist in the 4th China entrepreneurship innovation contest.

Jul.  Founded subsidiary company Hangzhou Micro Control Co., Ltd.

2016 >

Jun.  Awarded "2015 gold supplier" by Media.

Jul.  Awarded "2016 military and civilian technology application outstanding project award".


Civil and military dual-use technology application Excellence Award

Sep.  Got EU CE certificate.

Dec.  Integrated micro channel heat exchanger and system won "first military and civilian technology innovation application competition excellence award".


Apr.  On "2016 annual credit enterprise of Hangzhou demonstration unit".

Sep.  HZSS' subsidiary--Hangzhou micro-control won the second session of China Aviation Innovation and Enterpreneurship National Finals third prize.

China Aviation Innovation and Enterpreneurship National Finals third prize