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Evaporation Condenser

Evaporation condenser

Evaporation condenser is also called evaporation cooler, which uses water sprayed on the coiled pipes to absorb heat in the refrigerant when water evaporation, and then cold the refrigerant from gas to liquid.


Evaporation condenser-features

① High heat exchanging efficiency

Inner pipe is small diameter high efficiency internal thread, and it has a special Ω structure, it can increasing turbulence flow and heat exchanging. It mainly using water to abort latent heat when water evaporation.


② Energy saving, water saving

Comparing with same capacity air cooled, water cooled condenser, evaporation condenser consumes much less water and power. Actually it will only use 5%~10% amount of water of conman water condenser.

③ Sample structure and easy to install

Evaporation condenser is an integrated component of condenser, cooling tower, heat pump, water tank, air fan, so it can save a lot of space.

Application of HZSS evaporation condenser:

(1) hydropower station, printing plant, painting workshop, machine room, subway station, railway station, etc.
(2) places such as cold storage, sewage water source heat pump water pump, sewage source heat pump, heat pump seawater desalination plant, etc.
(3) large ammonia refrigeration system and central air-conditioning unit;
(4) suitable for water resources shortage and hot humid area, mainly for the replacement of water-cooled condenser - cooling tower;

Evaporation condenser-model list

ModelRefrigerantWater flow rateAir flow rateUnitCapacityDrawing
SS-0750-ZFL-T-DR410A2.308.7150002425600075View Drawing
SS-1600-ZFL-T-DR410A4.9018.63500048546000160View Drawing