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Diffusion bonded hybrid heat exchanger (H²X)

Diffusion bonded hybrid heat exchanger

HX²s to a micro channel, stagger my article and plate fins, and use precision diffusion bonding technology to become one. Hybrid heat exchangers combine the advantages of micro-channel and plate-fin heat exchangers. Micro-channel plates on the cold side have high temperature and pressure resistance, and plate-fin mechanisms on the hot side have the advantages of large flux and low pressure drop.

Process Technology

Vacuum precision/high temperature and high pressure/diffusion combined manufacturing technology
 diffusion bonding  扩散结合

Shape and Structure



Integrated microchannel heat exchanger

                 Integrated microchannel heat exchanger


1.Temperature and pressure resistance;
2.large flux;
3.low pressure drop.


Used in nuclear power with flue gas-sCO₂, molten salt-sCO₂, molten salt-helium as heat exchange medium, photothermal, marine supercritical CO₂ power generation system heaters, and to improve the energy efficiency of medium- or heavy-duty truck engines The evaporator of the system.

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