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heat exchanger for swimming pool heat pump

Condenser For Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Product Profile:

Shell and pipe heatexchanger is a kind of high efficiency heat exchanger which is composed of highefficient Ω style inner pipes and shell ofbaffle plastic plate(-PA6). It has theadvantages of shell & tube heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger.

Product Features:


Both heat exchanging inner core with structure of Ω and plastic baffleplate possess the ability of elasticity to obtain the function of anti-freeing.

2.Anti-corrosion, long serve life

HZSS patented structure of plastic baffle plate and titanium innercore has long serve life and corrosion resistance.

3.High Efficiency

Heat exchanginginner core are internal threaded to obtain more heat transfer area andturbulence flow in order to achieve higher efficiency.

4.Special refrigerant connection sealing to avoid leakage.

5.Easy maintenance and cleaning

The shell is designed to be dismountable to make maintenance andcleaning much easier. 

Model List of Condenser for Swimming Pool Heat Pump
ModelRefrigerantWater flowWater pressure dropCapacityDrawing
SS-0030STi-YR410A24.665.62.6318.15560016.3View Drawings
SS-0050STi-YR410A29.506.73.6024.86620019.4View Drawings
SS-0070STi-YR410A34.347.84.7432.77710022.6View Drawings
SS-0090STi-YR410A38.758.85.8940.68700025.5View Drawings
Note: All models is titanium Inner tube.
Test Condition: Water inlet temp 26℃,water outlet temp 28.5℃,Condensing temp 40℃.
Water inlet temp 78.8°F,water outlet temp 83.3°F,Condensing temp 104°F.