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micro reactor for chemical pharmaceutical

Micro Reactor/Micro Mixer/ Micro Reaction Device

Micro reactor is a 3D chemcal reaction component, which is made of base material by precision processing. Micro reactor usually has small passages that the equivalent diameter is less than 1000 µm.

Pic-1 HZSS Micro reaction device

Model List of Micro Reactor
Product classificationModelHysteresis
Micro-channel reactorSS-0010WR-B-P0.6View Drawings
Micro-channel reactorSS-0020WR-B-P0.8View Drawings
Micro-channel reactorSS-0010WR-Ti-P1.0View Drawings
Micro mixerSS-0005WH-B-P-Customized according to requirements

Model List of Micro Mixer/Micro Reaction Device
Product ClassificationModel Hysteresis
Micro reaction deviceSS-010WCR-B-10-Customized according to requirements
Micro reaction deviceSS-010WCR-Ti-10-Customized according to requirements