About Us.
About Us.
Who We Are
Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co.,Ltd.(HZSS) was set up in the year of 2005. HZSS is one of the largest manufactures of Coaxial coil heat exchanger, Shell & pipe heat exchanger, Shell & tube heat exchanger, Printed curcuit heat exchanger(PCHE), Diffusion bonded plate fin heat exchanger(FPHE), Hybrid heat exchanger(H²X), and Microchennel reactor, Micro channel continuous flow reaction device. HZSS is the owner of the global-leading technology of integrated micro-channel heat exchanger and complete set of micro chemical reactors, and focus on production and marketing and innovation of high efficiency and energy saving heat exchangers...
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Vision & Values
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Our Vision
HZSS committed to become the leader of heat exchanging industry, and make HZSS a famous brand for heat exchangers.
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2005 Hangzhou Shenshi Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd Was Established
2007 HZSS established hangzhou shenshi coaxial heat exchanger high - tech R&D center.
2011 HZSS heat exchange was award as
2015 Microchannel heat exchanger was awarded
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Different backgrounds, expert know-how and individual strengths are united to form an international team of heat exchangers R&D and production. We completely follow the system requirements and product development process, from product design, project establishment, R&D and process control, to process and tooling optimization and perfect management, to product production, inspection, delivery and after-sales.
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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience,and an end product that is the best.
What are the main products of Shenshi?
Main products are coaxial coils heat exchangers, shell and pipe heat exchangers (Shenshi's patent), coil-in-shell heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, and integrated micro-channel heat exchangers, micro channel reactors, micro-reaction systems and micro-chemical complete sets...
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What are the advantages of Shenshi's Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger?
1.In terms of design:
Safety: Design and manufacture high efficiency tanks using the standards of pressure vessels; Reliability: Reliability Design Concept (DFR) perfect quality control system, Consistency: Six Sigma Design (DFSS) Control Statistical Process Control (SPC), Water side performance: the use of spiral baffles, more uniform distribution of water flow than traditional bow baffles, repeated simulations to optimize flow channel design; Freon side performance: repeated simulation to optimize refrigerant side piping; repeated simulation and optimization of distributor design, evaporation temperature increased by 0.5℃...
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What is PCHE?
Printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE), also known as Diffusion-bomded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE)) is a new type of printed circuit board heat exchanger based on 3D printing technology. It is compact as a new type of heat exchanger. High degree, it can heat transfer under harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. PCHE heat exchange unit channels on the order of microns to millimeters can be etched using chemical etching techniques...
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what is micro-chemical?
Micro-chemical technology starts from the source of chemical preparation process and equipment, and utilizes the microchannel reactor to enhance the mixing (mass transfer) and heat transfer, and the reaction liquid holding capacity is small (intrinsically safe), without the advantage of amplification effect. Integrate continuous steady state and integrated automation into the optimization of chemical synthesis processes, design, and large production processes. The continuous flow process is an important technical means to improve the intrinsic safety of hazardous chemicals production and realize industrial transformation and upgrading...
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