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Micro Channel Reactor

Integrated micro-channel reactor

Integrated micro-channel reactor, which is made by diffusion bonding technique and has very small channels in the base material, is a component for chemical reaction. It is in the reaction layer where reaction mediums flow and react under a certain temperature given by heat exchanging medium on both sides of the reaction layer.

Structure and shape





Material can be chose for stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloy, Hastelloy etc.

Integrated Micro-channel cooling plate – features

① higher mass transfer efficiency

Micro - channel structure is used to design the microreactor, and there is no contact heat resistance between the heat transfer layer and the reaction layer. The high ratio surface area can greatly improve the heat transfer efficiency of the fluid. Micron level channel design in reaction side can make reactant mix in millisecond and avoid anti-mixing; The medium transfer efficiency is several thousand times as high as the traditional reaction kettle.

② Material variety

Material can be chose for stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloy, Hastelloy etc.

③ High pressure stand

The product is made by vacuum diffusion bounding processing, and it can stand pressure closed to base material. Besides the design of micro-channel structure make it can stand a pressure of 500bar.

④ Less liquid holdup, more safety

The channels diameter is only a few millimeters, so there will be only a little liquid holdup and it will be more safety.

⑤ Easy to amplification

The development and optimization of micro-reactor platform can achieve seamless amplification and it will has no amplification effect on the production reactor.

⑥ Customized design

Customized solutions from laboratories to industrialisation are provided for different synthetic tasks and applications. Including feeding module, heat transfer module, mixing module, reaction module and control system module.


    Based on its excellent heat transfer performance and adaptability, HZSS micro-channel liquid cold plate is used for:
  1. 1. Chemical pharmaceutical