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Integrated Micro-Channel Cold Plate

Integrated Microchannel Cold Plate

Integrated Microchannel Cold Plate is a single fluid (gas, water or other cooler) heat exchanger. The cold plate can effectively cool the heat dissipated by power devices, printed board assemblies and electronic chassis.

Process Technology

Vacuum precision/high temperature and high pressure/diffusion combined manufacturing technology

Shape and Structure

微通道液冷板SS-0001WL-B-P 液冷板SS-0100WL-T-P液冷板SS-0020WL-B-P


Material of HZSS microchannel cold plate can be chose from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, oxygen -free copper etc.

Integrated Micro-Channel Cooling Plate - Features

High Heat Flux Density Inside the micro channel cooling plate is microchannel structure, which gives it the abilities of high precision bonding technology and no contact heat resistance; The microchannel structure is beneficial to the nucleation boiling of heat exchange medium, and the heat flux density can reach 500W/cm2.Compact Diffusion bonding technology has high welding strength, diverse internal flow channels, large heat transfer area, high heat transfer coefficient, suitable for equipment with high local heat flow; And can meet the cooling needs of 200-300W / cm² devices.
Material Variety, Widely Used Stainless steel is widely used for vacuum and low temperature condition, and aluminum, copper are mostly used for heat dissipation. High Pressure Stand, Anticorrosion High precision combined with manufacturing process makes the cold plate have the same strength as the parent material, so it can stand high pressure. Stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance.


    Rely on excellent heat transfer performance and adaptation, HZSS microchannel cooling plate are widely used for:
  1. 1. BTMS
  2. 2. Electronics
  3. 3. Energy(solar energy)