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What are the benefits of Shenshi's shell tube?

What are the benefits of Shenshi's shell tube?

Update Time:2019/10/8

What are the benefits of Shenshi's shell tube?

1.In terms of design:

Safety: Design and manufacture high efficiency tanks using the standards of pressure vessels;

Reliability: Reliability Design Concept (DFR) + perfect quality control system;

Consistency: Six Sigma Design (DFSS) Control + Statistical Process Control (SPC);

Water side performance: the use of spiral baffles, more uniform distribution of water flow than traditional bow baffles, repeated simulations to optimize flow channel design;

Freon side performance: repeated simulation to optimize refrigerant side piping; repeated simulation and optimization of distributor design, evaporation temperature increased by 0.5.

2.In terms of features:

High heat exchange efficiency: high efficiency heat exchange tube strengthened by inner tube; the distributor adopts Shenshi's patented design, and the cooling distribution effect is good; using a spiral baffle, water side heat transfer is superior to traditional baffle;

Safe to use: designed and manufactured according to the standard of pressure vessel; no solder joints in contact with water; extremely strong frost resistance;

Small size: compact structure; reasonable interface arrangement;

Cost-effective: cost is effectively monitored and cost-effective.

3. In terms of manufacturing:

More fully automated machines and semi-automated machines are utilized to increase product reliability.