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Why Shenshi 's microchannel heat exchangers are good?

Why Shenshi 's microchannel heat exchangers are good?

Update Time:2019/10/22

Why Shenshi 's microchannel heat exchangers are good?

The development history of our microchannel heat exchanger:

In August 2010, our company officially introduced microchannel heat exchanger technology.

In February 2012, our company carried out the third generation of integrated microchannel heat exchanger products and micro-environment system research and development.

In April 2015, our “Integrated Microchannel Heat Exchanger” was awarded the “Geneva Invention Award”.

In October 2015, our “Industrial Application of Integrated Microchannel Heat Exchanger” project was shortlisted in the finals of the 4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and earned the Outstanding Project Award.

In March 2016, our company's “Integrated Microchannel Heat Exchanger R&D and Industrialization” project won the “Zhejiang Technology Invention Award”.

In September 2016, the integrated microchannel heat exchanger was certified as an international advanced product of the Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission.

In July 2018, our company's "Integrated Microchannel Heat Exchanger" project won the third prize of the foremost "Zhejiang Technology Innovation Application Competition".

By 2019, our company has obtained 15 invention patents associated with microchannel heat exchangers and microchannels.

The characteristics of our microchannel heat exchanger:

High compactness: 2000m²;

Micro-pass size is small: 0.1-2mm;

High heat transfer coefficient: 3000-5000/(m²•k);

Temperature resistance: -90 ℃- 900 ℃;

High pressure resistance: 30-100MPa;

High reliability, no excess, no solder clogging;

Welding strength is equal to material wood strength.