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What are the characteristics and advantages of PCHE?

What are the characteristics and advantages of PCHE?

Update Time:2019/11/13

What are the characteristics and advantages of PCHE?

Structural features:

Print Circuit Heat Exchanger (PCHE)

Diffusion-bonded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE)

Diffusion-bonded Micro-Channel Reactor (DMCR)

    The metal sheet is processed into a reaction plate having various flow path shapes by chemical etching, and the solid metal reaction plate is connected by diffusion welding technology under high temperature and high pressure.

    Channel section: semi-circular channel, profiled pattern: straight, zigzag (ZigZag type) (zigzag).

    Pressure and temperature adaptability: the pressure can reach 30MPa, the ultimate bearing capacity can reach more than 200MPa; the ultimate temperature tolerance can range from cryogenic to 900; it can effectively handle large temperature difference conditions caused by fluid or rapid temperature change; The equipment can allow a variety of media to implement the heat exchange process; can achieve a small temperature difference of up to 2 ; can choose a series of corrosion-resistant materials manufacturing equipment; no gasket (no leakage), no brazing, no tube, Has higher equipment integrity.

Product advantages:

1. High compactness: 200-5000m²/m

2. Small channel size: 0.5-2mm

3. High heat transfer coefficient: 3000-7000/(m²·K)

4. Temperature resistance: -200-900

5. High pressure resistance: 30-200MPa

6. High reliability, no excess, no solder blockage

7. Welding strength is equivalent to material base material strength