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Is PCHE suitable for power generation systems?

Is PCHE suitable for power generation systems?

Update Time:2020/5/5

Is PCHE suitable for power generation systems?

PCHE is suitable for power generation cycle under high temperature and high pressure!

For supercritical CO₂ power generation system:

The heat exchange of the current supercritical CO₂ test loop mostly uses PCHE, which is suitable for high working temperature and high working pressure, and has good expansion ability; meanwhile, PCHE is a combination of high integrity diffusion Structured high efficiency heat exchanger. The combination of diffusion makes the heat exchanger resistant to high and low temperatures and excellent mechanical properties, making it the only heat exchanger that can be used in the supercritical CO₂ cycle.

SCO2 power system

For nuclear power plants:

Printed circuit board heat exchangers are conducive to improving the thermal management and economic benefits of thermal power stations and nuclear power plants. Its compact size, high temperature and pressure resistance, and high heat exchange efficiency make it the best choice for future power generation heat exchangers.

The temperature required for nuclear power is 850 degrees, and PCHE is currently the most heat-resistant heat exchanger; and compared with the traditional shell & tube heat exchanger, PCHE is more reliable and safer.