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What is the coaxial heat exchanger in the chiller?

What is the coaxial heat exchanger in the chiller?

Update Time:2020/7/24

Whatis the coaxial heat exchanger in the chiller?

     There are black pipes in the middle of every chillers, and many peoplewill ask, what is this and it takes up such

large space. This is thecoaxial  heat exchanger in the chiller.What is a coaxial heat exchanger?Let's explain it 


Figure 1 Chiller

    Taking Hangzhou Shenshi coaxial heat exchanger as an example, the coaxialheat exchanger is a kind of circul-

ating heat exchanger. Coaxial heat exchangeris also divided into single-system heat exchanger and multi-system 

heat exchanger. The more heat exchangersystems, the higher the heat exchange efficiency.


Figure 2 Single-system,dual-system and multi-system exchanger

    Shenshi coaxial heat exchanger is generally composed of two tanksconcentrically set inside and outside. The ref-

rigerant flows in the sandwichchannel between the inner tube and the outer tube, and the water flows in theinner 

tube, and the heat of the refrigerant is transferred to the watercarrier. The use of high-efficiency spiral grooved 

tubes increases the heat exchangearea, at the same time strengthens the heat exchange between the refrigerant 

and the water side, and enhances the heat exchange capacity of the heatexchanger.

Figure 3 Multi-materialspiral grooved pipe

    Hangzhou Shenshi coaxial heat exchanger is outsourced through special electrophoresis treatment to provide 

complete and comprehensive anti-corrosion protection for the inner cavity,weld, edge and other weak parts of the 

casing. Service life. The coating filmis fine, uniform and smooth, and has the best adaptability for products that 

require precision.

Figure 4Electrophoresis

      When coaxial heat exchangers were not widely used, immersion heat exchangers were used in the chiller ind-

ustry. Compared with immersed heat exchangers, is thereany difference between using coaxial heat exchangers 

now? Chiller can usecoaxial heat exchangers to replace the previous immersed heat exchangers.Because immers-

ed heat exchangers and other forms rely on the naturalenvironment, the heat exchange efficiency is very low, so 

people think of usingforced exchange to improve heat exchange. The efficiency of the circulatingheat exchanger is 

one of the most widely used methods.

Figure 5 Immersion heat exchanger and coaxial heat exchanger.jpg

Figure 5 Immersion heatexchanger and coaxial heat exchanger

      Whatare the advantages of  coaxial  heat exchangers?

      1.The structural features are concise and clear, modular design, and easyadjustment. Non-standard customiza-

tion can be made according to the needs ofenterprises, and the shape and size can be adjusted, such as rectangle, 

round,double helix, spiral, trumbone , etc.

      2.High heat exchange efficiency. It is a pure counter flow heat exchanger. Inaddition, the surface of the inner 

tube is embossed to enhance the heattransfer on the fluorine side. Under the same working conditions of the inner 

tube of the same length, the condensation heat transfer performance of R410arefrigerant is improved by at least 

50% .

      3.Few solder joints and strong reliability.

      4.Good freezing resistance, not easy to scale, and long service life.