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What is integrated microchannel reactor?

What is integrated microchannel reactor?

Update Time:2020/9/8

What is integrated microchannel reactor?

        The integrated microchannel reactor is a three-stack structure element that is made of a solid substrate with a small channel size and structure that can be used for chemical reactions by means of precision diffusion bonding technology. The reaction medium flows in the reaction layer channel and completes the required reaction in the channel, and the heat exchange medium is distributed on both sides of the reaction layer to provide the required temperature for the reaction.

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Applicable reactions of integrated microchannel reactor:

l  Strong exothermic reaction

l  Reactions with unstable reactants or products

l  Rapid reaction with strict reactant ratio requirements

l  Dangerous chemical reaction

l  High temperature and high pressure reaction

l  Nanomaterials and reactions requiring uniform distribution of products