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Shenshi's shell & tube heat exchanger naming rules

Shenshi's shell & tube heat exchanger naming rules

Update Time:2020/10/14

Shenshi's shell & tube heat exchanger naming rules


1. Shenshi's shell & tube heat exchanger is used in the evaporator and condenser of cold and hot water units, modular units and other units;

2. The product is a dry shell & tube heat exchanger, the tube side is the refrigerant, and the shell side is the refrigerant;

3. The special threaded heat exchange tube is adopted, which has high heat exchange efficiency, small tube diameter, high compactness, low material consumption, and small volume; the heat exchange tube is integrally formed, without splicing, no solder joints, and strong reliability ;

4. Spiral baffle is used on the shell side, the refrigerant flow is even, there is no dead zone, the risk of freezing is small, and it is not easy to scale and dirty;

5. The refrigerant side uses a number of Shenshi's patented distributors to combine, and the distribution is even;

6. Patented optimized design of fluorine side head, saving material cost; using laser welding, high pressure bearing, no leakage risk of traditional head;

7. Design and manufacture in accordance with GB150, 151 standards;

8. For different application scenarios, Shenshi's designs have standard models, heat pump models and high-efficiency models.


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