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What is the current status of the domestic microchemical industry?

What is the current status of the domestic microchemical industry?

Update Time:2021/1/12

What is the current status of the domestic microchemical industry?

       The medical and chemical industries are related to the development of the entire country and the quality of people’s livelihood, and are important pillar industries that measure a country’s national strength. Different from other industries, the chemical production industry faces a more severe safety situation. In particular, once many hazardous chemical accidents occur, there will often be a large number of casualties at the same time, causing extremely bad social effects. In addition to frequent chemical accidents, problems such as high energy consumption, high pollution, waste of resources, and low efficiency also restrict the development of the industry. On the one hand, it is related to human operation factors, and on the other hand, it is also related to backward equipment technology. In order to change this state, in recent years, a new technology-Micro Chemical technology, that can greatly shorten the chemical reaction time and better solve many chemical problems such as strong corrosion, pollution, high energy consumption, flammability and explosion, etc.

       Compared with traditional chemical technology, micro chemical technology has great future prospects and application value in fine chemical industry. The core of the whole technology is the microchannel reactor, which, with the characteristics of "three transmissions and one reverse", fundamentally solves the problems of strong corrosion, high pollution, high energy consumption, and flammability and explosion.

       At present, my country's fine chemical manufacturers already have a considerable scale, especially the various types of fine chemicals among them are numerous. Although the scale is huge, the industry foundation is very weak. In particular, the level of safety management lags far behind other developed countries. Due to the lack of industrial technology and the imperfect level of legal and safety supervision and evaluation, the development process and safety level of the entire chemical industry are not at the same level.

      The “Guidelines for the Safety Risk Assessment of Fine Chemical Reactions” issued by the State Administration of Work Safety clearly pointed out: For the reaction process, the process of risk level 4 and 5 or higher needs to be optimized to reduce the risk, such as micro-reaction, continuous Complete the reaction and so on. In particular, the advantages brought by micro-reaction technology in the field of fine chemicals can greatly improve the essential safety of the refinement process.

      Based on micro-reaction technology, HZSS focuses on chemical process technology, focusing on the development of continuous flow micro-reactors and large-scale chemical equipment; researches on automation and precision control technology for the entire chemical production process, and develops digital, information, and intelligent chemical production processes; HZSS serves the R&D and production projects of pharmaceutical, dye, pesticide, environmental protection, nano-industry, petrochemical and other enterprises at home and abroad, helping customers develop and improve processes to achieve safer, more environmentally friendly and more efficient industrial production.