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HZSS 2017 New Year's celebration

HZSS 2017 New Year's celebration

Jan 20,2017
   On December 31, 2016, hangzhou shenshi energy conservation technology co., LTD. held the "2017 New Year orientation meeting and 2016 outstanding honor recognition conference". The theme of the annual meeting is "are you doing it today?" Shen's staff gathered together to share the joy of all the colleagues of the company in 2016. During the event, employees were able to show their voice and dance in groups. The lucky draw activity pushes the activity to the climax, the company is in harmony!

"2017 New Year's orientation" centered "company 2016 working report, 2017 plan", "general manager speech", "outstanding honor award", "the company planning and vision - chairman", "South Korea guest to speak", "annual meeting shows, game, lottery" six big agenda, also special new water purifier project award this year, the employees take part in the project to a surprise. Draw link of surprises this year, the company set up seven prizes, total of 46 awards, each of which some souvenirs pillow blanket warmth and creative, numerous prizes for on-the-job employees bring happiness and good luck!

2016 is a hard year, a year of frustration and a year of fighting. General manager to keep in mind our propaganda "quality consciousness and execution, breakthrough" capacity of several major requirements, to remind our team to be effective implementation and implementation, to ensure product quality, production capacity through hard work and prepare work, doing the best we can to create a 2017 capacity big breakthrough.

From the chairman's message, we can understand that the company's vision is to seize the golden period of the company's development, and in the last two years -- three years to go public. Although there are many bottlenecks in the middle, we believe that as long as we fight hard, the vision will eventually become a reality.