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Shenshi micro-chemical technology, take you into the new world

Shenshi micro-chemical technology, take you into the new world

Sep 6,2019

Shenshi micro-chemical technology, take you into the new world

Attending the 11th CTEF

On August 28-30, the 11th CTEF, which was praised by the industry as “China Chemical Equipment Wind Vane”, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shenshi Micro-chemical complete sets of equipment and microchannel heat exchangers, reactors, etc. are on display.

What is micro-chemical?

Micro-chemical technology starts from the source of chemical preparation process and equipment, and utilizes the microchannel reactor to enhance the mixing (mass transfer) and heat transfer, and the reaction liquid holding capacity is small (intrinsically safe), without the advantage of amplification effect. Integrate continuous steady state and integrated automation into the optimization of chemical synthesis processes, design, and large production processes. The continuous flow process is an important technical means to improve the intrinsic safety of hazardous chemicals production and realize industrial transformation and upgrading.

The micro-chemical process is a chemical process carried out in a confined space of micrometers or sub-millimeters (0.1-1 mm) centered on microstructured components. For microreactors, the characteristic length is usually required to be less than 0.5 mm. In the micro-chemical process, the small dispersion scale enhances the mixing and transfer process, thereby improving the controllability and efficiency of the process. When applied to industrial production processes, large-scale production is usually achieved in accordance with the basic principle of parallel amplification.

Shenshi's microreactor brings you new technology

The integrated microreactor is a three-dimensional structural element that can be used for chemical reactions with a small channel size and structure fabricated by a solid matrix by means of precision diffusion bonding technology. The reaction medium flows in the reaction channel and completes the desired reaction in the channel, and the heat exchange medium is distributed on both sides of the reaction layer to provide the temperature required for the reaction.

Shenshi's integrated microreactor has high space-time efficiency, high productivity, high efficiency and high selectivity, low operating cost and low capital investment. It adopts microchannel precision processing technology, speed dwell time in seconds/millisecond class, feature size within hundreds of micrometers, and It belongs to green chemical engineering, which reduces the risk of dangerous chemical reactions, and is faster, better, more economical, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Microchannel product highlights

Microchannel reaction system device

Tubular reaction system device

What reactions are the Shenshi's microreactors suitable for?

Shenshi has actively invested in the research and development and application of micro-reaction technology, and has made some gratifying progress. At present, it has achieved industrialized large-scale production and played an important role in improving intrinsic safety. Shenshi's micro-chemicals have been experimentally screened and explored. The following are the types of experiments and experimental conditions applicable to microreactors.

Shenshi's Micro chemical complete equipment is your best choice

First of all, to popularize Yangnong Chemical, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces pesticides, chlor-alkali and fine chemical products. Its controlling Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd. is the largest new biomimetic pesticide-pyrethroid production base in China, which was successfully listed in April 2002. The group company has an engineering design institute, a chemical research institute, and a post-doctoral scientific research station. It has strong product development and technology transformation capabilities. It has its own thermal power plant, complete public facilities, advanced equipment, strict internal management, excellent product quality and clean environment. In 2002, it passed the ISO9001 (2000 version) quality system certification, and in 2004 passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification. The products include three series and more than 60 varieties. It is a leading company in the chemical industry.

Secondly, let us introduce the application case of our micro-chemical complete sets of equipment in Yangnong Chemical. Yangnong Chemical will have an original construction area of about 300m2 and an area of about 150m2. The annual production capacity of 18,000 tons of intermediate production equipment will be upgraded to an integrated microchannel reactor, covering an area of only 28m2 and a height of no more than 2m. Shen's small and fine microchannel reactor has been scaled up by production scale to prove that the product yield has increased by 6-8%, and it saves more than one million energy costs per year. The advantages of micro-chemical equipment are self-evident.

There are more micro-chemical devices in Shenshi waiting for you to “unlock”.