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coaxial heat exchanger coding instruction

Coaxial Heat Exchangers Model Coding Instructions

Refrigerant Code

Working Condition Code

System Number


Outer Tube Material

Capacity Code

Product Type

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Refrigerant Code1 - R410A     2 - R22     3 - R407C     4 - R134A     
5 - R404A     6 - R744(CO2)     7 - R717(NH3)     
System NumberNone - Single System
S - Double System
3,4,5... n... -means n systems
ShapeNone - Round
U - U shape
W - Spiral Shape
P - Double Helix Shape
F - Rectangle
Outer tube - Inner tube materialG - Steel     T - Copper     N - Cupronickel(Bfe10-1-1)    
Ti - Titanium     B - Stainless Steel     
Capacity CodeCapacity code is 0 ~ 1000, the large number means large capacity, but the unmber does not mean the capacity.
Product TypeH - Inner tube is embossed
O- Smooth surface inner tube

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