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Microchannel Reactor

Microchannel heat exchanger for microreactor
The microchannel heat exchanger has the advantages of high heat transfer characteristics, small channel size, and channel diversity. It also has the characteristics of quickly dispersing the fluid medium into a very small fluid unit, which is suitable for integration in large-scale reactor units.
Small channel size: 0.1-2mm;
High mixing efficiency;
Strong heat exchange capacity;
High heat transfer coefficient: 3000-5000 / (m ² · K);
High compactness: 5000m² / m;
High pressure resistance: 30-250MPa;
Temperature adaptability: -200 ℃ -900 ℃;
High reliability No extras No solder clogging;
Bonding strength is equal to the base material strength.
Micro-channel heat exchangers are used in micro-reactors and are suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, and dye fields; and have been increasingly used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, special materials, and fine chemical products and intermediates.
Microchannel continuous flow production device
· Yangnong Chemical's original annual throughput of 18,000 tons of intermediate production equipment covers an area of about 150m², a construction area of about 300m², and the total height of the equipment is about 15m. After changing to Shen's integrated microchannel reactor, the area is only About 28m², and the height of the equipment does not exceed 2m;
·  Shen's integrated micro-channel reactor subverts the original reaction conditions. After the scale-up test of the production scale, the yield is increased by 6-8%;
· In addition, it saves more than one million energy costs every year.