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Shenshi's hydrogen cooler

Shenshi's hydrogen cooler

Update Time:2020/5/26

Shenshi's hydrogen cooler

Hydrogen energy is regarded as the clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century. Many countries and regions in the world have carried out extensive research on hydrogen energy. Hydrogen power generation methods are mainly hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are an important scenario for the application of hydrogen energy. As an infrastructure for providing hydrogen to fuel cell vehicles, the number of hydrogen refueling stations is also growing.

It is used in hydrogen refueling stations to absorb the heat energy generated by the pressure release when the hydrogen refueling station injects hydrogen into hydrogen-fueled vehicles. And the safety of hydrogen refueling stations.

The hydrogen cooler has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, frost resistance, small size and so on. It cools hydrogen from 40 ℃ to-40 ℃ through refrigerant or other media. Its advantages of explosion-proof, anti-freezing and low temperature are the perfect solutions to improve the reliability and advanced nature of hydrogen refueling stations in the future.

Shenshi's research and development of micro-channel heat exchangers for hydrogen and antifreeze heat exchange for hydrogen energy hydrogenation machines correspond to two types of hydrogenation machines, 35MPa and 70MPa, respectively.

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