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What are the main applications of HZSS's products?

What are the main applications of HZSS's products?

Update Time:2021/1/27

What are the main categories of HZSS's products?


        HZSS's main products: coaxial heat exchanger, shell & coil heat exchanger, shell & tube heat exchanger, high efficiency compact micro channel heat exchanger, plate fin micro channel heat exchanger, high efficiency mixed heat exchanger, micro reactor, micro channel continuous flow reaction device, and others high quality energy saving heat exchange products, services and system solutions.

        The application scenarios of HZSS's heat exchanger mainly include the following categories:

HVAC: water/ground source heat pump, (CO₂) heat pump water heater, industrial water cooler, low temperature heating equipment;

Cold/cold chain: ice slurry;

Food/household appliances: water purifier, ice maker, washing machine, dishwasher, milk cooling equipment;

Titanium alloy: Marine air conditioner, pool heat pump, mariculture;

Ships/transportation: Marine air conditioning, battery cooling system;

Energy/power generation: SCO₂ power generation, nuclear power, hydrogen station, gas turbine;

Oil & gas exploitation: LNG, hydrogen liquefied;

Aerospace: aerospace, electronic equipment cooling system, environmental control package;

Chemical/pharmaceutical: micro-reactor, micro-mixer, continuous reaction unit, tubular reactor.