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Profound Accumulation, Hangzhou Shenshi enlarge our employees numbers

Profound Accumulation, Hangzhou Shenshi enlarge our employees numbers

Jun 8,2017

         ProfoundAccumulation, HZSS enlarge our employees numbers

On 5th February 2017, HangzhouShenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co. Ltd. staff formally comeback to work, the basic rate of 100%. As we go to work, our candidates for the company are also spectacular. From the 2017 quarter of the Ministry of personnel reserve, recruitment propaganda, participate in the recruitment work until 15th March 2017, to work in our company in different departments, ordinary staffpositions are more than 120 people, the company has more than 390 staffs.


We would like to thank all our employees for our company's extensive publicity and introduction of staff candidates, but also thanks to the Jiande local talent intermediary platform for us to advertise for recruitment sites. The development of Shenshi needs the participation of everyone; Shenshi growth was speed up because of all of us efforts! In such a rapid development moment, we will seize the opportunity to solve different setbacks in work!


To emphasize, many partners, but we still can’t forget, product quality is the key point, not only to do quality assurance, but also to do quality prevention work! We are all belong to Shenshi this family, Shenshi people carry forward the excellent enterprise culture, quality prevention, quality assurance is the essence of our culture.