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HZSS Have Developed Micro Channel Continuous Reactor

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HZSS Have Developed Micro Channel Continuous Reactor
Issue Time:2017-06-12

After10 years of technology accumulation and 3 years of improvement for microstructure, HZSS finally developed the Micro Channel Continuous Reactor in October2016.

Bya lot of experiments, it proved that HZSS Micro Channel Continuous Reactorfeatures high efficiency for heat transfer and mixture, low liquid containing.That makes a great contribution for technology, development of micro reactor,and environment protection.

HZSSMicro Channel Continuous Reactor has been keeping innovating and improving. Thematerial for the reactor can be stainless steel, titanium and Hastelloy. Andfor one reactor or one reacting system the annual loading can be from 150T to4000T.