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The 2013-year-old HZSS heat exchanger has been successfully completed

The 2013-year-old HZSS heat exchanger has been successfully completed

Jan 9,2013
December 31, 2012, in the New Year Bell is about to ring, my company staff and invited guests, in the air head of the town hall together ushered in the "2013-year-old meeting."

"2013-year meeting" mainly by the company 2012 Annual summary, excellent personal and team awards, corporate planning and vision sharing, staff exhibition annual program, lottery interactive, staff dinner and other major agenda. Among them, invited guest member Jiande party committee propaganda minister Wang Hua to the company 2012, in the more difficult environment, still did not take the initiative to lay off a employees gave a high degree of recognition, the company in recent years a series of efforts, sustained development of the performance has been fully affirmed.

In the outstanding individuals and excellent team awards, the company general manager, chairman and other people for the 2012 selected the outstanding staff, technical pacesetter, excellent team and other awards, and placed an ardent encouragement.

In the cross-year orientation program, company staff organized a variety of programs, there are songs solo, Cross-sectoral chorus, song skewers, dance skewers, through the sketch, dance, mountain spring, jazz dance and other forms, part of the program with the 
performance of special clothing and lottery game interactive, enriching the content and highlights of the annual conference program. 14 of programs to all staff to bring endless fun and laughter, but also expressed the Department of Staff to the 2012 summary of the review and 2013 to set sail happy mood.

2013 has quietly entered, let us work together to help each other, and strive for innovation and development, create 2013 new glories!