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HZSS heat exchanger was broadcast on CCTV-2

HZSS heat exchanger was broadcast on CCTV-2

Nov 19,2012

November 14, 2012, CCTV two series "2012, our brand" flash fell in the air conditioning and heating industry.

Among them, our company as a well-known domestic air-conditioning manufacturers of high-quality suppliers, in the whole project has been about 2.5 of the focus (the first five 5 37 to eight 8 $number 02). The program tells the Shen and brand manufacturers, to overcome the technical difficulties, beyond the industry standards, and constantly improve the quality, to meet the true story of customer entrust.

This short more than 2 minutes of reports, condensed the Shen people for many years of hard work, in a sense is also the community to the company up and down a certain. Shen Shi will continue to work hard to provide customers with better quality energy-saving products, services and system solutions, to practice the company "Jong Huibo Micro, Jiangong li de" mission!

Interested friends can further landing China Network TV, to view the day's wonderful program.