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The energy efficiency level of air conditioning will reach a new level

The energy efficiency level of air conditioning will reach a new level

Mar 6,2014

Express News of refrigeration: With the fifteenth stage of energy saving and environmental protection list issued and implementation, room air conditioner, variable speed room air conditioner, unit type air conditioner, air-conditioning heat pump water chiller and other typical models of refrigeration and air conditioning energy-saving products accounted for the proportion of cases will be further improved, and energy efficiency of air conditioning products will reach a new level.

Technological innovation, optimization, energy saving effectThe development of the air conditioning industry and the increasing demand for air conditioning products by the government procurement have enabled enterprises to increase R & D and investment in energy-saving products.

Take the air conditioner in the engine room as an example, as the air conditioner in the engine room needs to operate all the year round, the energy conservation requirement becomes the primary consideration. In recent years, the Internet, finance, government and other institutions are speeding up the pace of data center construction. On the basis of ensuring the safe and stable operation of data center, developing energy saving technology has become the focus of computer room air conditioning.

In view of the energy consumption of the air conditioning system in the data center is taken up about 40%, when China Mobile is conducting data center design and air conditioning equipment procurement, energy conservation as an important indicator of assessment indicators. China Mobile Group Design Institute senior engineer Peng Dianzhen said, "there's room for air conditioning compressor and inverter accessories, at the design level, through the precise control of the intelligent control unit, or the implementation of the network, the unit can accurately regulate temperature, humidity, air supply volume, in order to provide computer equipment as needed environment, so as to achieve energy-saving effect.