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2019 AHR EXPO in Atlanta

2019 AHR EXPO in Atlanta

Dec 3,2018


JAN 14-16, 2019, AHR EXPO will held in Atlanta, USA.

At the booth C6000, Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. is waiting for your arrival!

  Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. HZSS is a professional coaxial heat exchanger manufacturer, and owner of the global-leading technology of integrated micro-channel heat exchanger and small climate system. HZSS focus on production and marketing and innovation of high efficiency and energy saving heat exchangers.

  We bring the hottest products, coaxial heat exchangers, shell-and-tube heat exchangers and the latest product micro-channel products at the exhibition show. There must be products that meet your requirements, welcome to visit. For product information, welcome to ask questions.

Our company have many type of products, if you are interested, remember to visit! Thanks!


Web: www.coaxial-coils.com


Email: shenzeqi@hzssjn.com