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Shenshi 's shell and tube heat exchanger Your best choice

Shenshi 's shell and tube heat exchanger Your best choice

Jul 30,2019

Shenshi's shell and tube heat exchanger     your best chioce

New shell & tube heat exchanger:

Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service provider to increase the product family's series of complementary advantages and expand product application areas; Shenshi has developed the latest and most market-leading shell and tube heat exchangers.

R & D design (Safety):

We use the standard of pressure vessel to design and manufacture high efficiency tanks; adopt the reliability design concept (DFR) + perfect quality control system; apply Six Sigma design (DFSS) control + statistical process control (SPC); use spiral baffles , repeatedly simulate and optimize the flow channel design; repeatedly simulate and optimize the refrigerant side piping mode; repeatedly simulate and optimize the distributor design.

Features(Cost efficient):

Shenshi's shell and tube heat exchanger adopts the high-efficiency heat exchange tube strengthened by the inner tube; the distributor adopts the patented design of Shenshi, and the cooling distribution effect is good; Using a spiral baffle, the water side heat transfer is superior to the traditional baffle;Designed and manufactured to pressure vessel standards; There is no solder joint in the contact area with water;extremely strong antifreeze performance; compact structure; reasonable interface arrangement; cost effective control.

Innovation (ultra performance):

The use of spiral baffles is more evenly distributed than conventional bow baffles,

Using Shenshi 's patented design dispenser, the evaporation temperature is increased by 0.5 °C:


Shenshi's shell and tube adopts automatic production to achieve the best quality, such as: U-shaped inner tube automatic tube bending, outer tube laser tube cutting, laser cutting machine bracket cutting board cutting, tube sheet, flange, head finishing, robot expansion tube , water connection pipe, end cover and transition section robot welding, and product electrophoresis.

Shenshi's Culture:

Shenshi's shell and tube heat exchanger has advanced design concept, perfect process and management system, and strict quality control. Shenshi is committed to becoming the standard maker of the heat exchanger industry and has become a supplier of heat exchangers for everyone.