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Energy saving and environmental protection for China's development

Energy saving and environmental protection for China's development

Oct 8,2019

Energy saving and environmental protection for China's development

Shenshi - a part of national energy conservation and environmental protection

It is equally a National Day holiday, which coincides with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the country.

Let us consider a look at the major achievements made by the state in energy conservation in recent years. Among them, Shenshi also made significant contributions to national energy conservation and environmental protection.

First of all, the most widespread concern in the near future is the official opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport. Depending on a new study funded by the European Union, civilian airports consume as much energy as a small city, and as much as one-fifth of this energy may be wasted. However, it is estimated that Beijing Daxing International Airport terminal building will reduce energy consumption by 20% compared to the same size airport terminal. The total amount of renewable energy accounts for 12% of the total annual energy consumption of Daxing Airport. It is the highest rate of renewable energy in the country. Among them, ground-source heat pumps represented by domestically produced equipment such as central air conditioners contribute 10% of them, and the other 2% mainly use wind energy and solar energy for illumination.

In addition, the national "coal to electricity" policy was launched in 2015; the "2+26" city was announced in 2017. The topic of winter heating has swept the entire northern region, and the concept of clean heating has also been promoted. Clean energy and energy conservation have become the topic of high standards in today's times. 

Gree air source heat pump heating equipment has been widely used in heating projects in the north and the Yangtze River. In 2017, it served the coal-to-electricity project in 11 disticts in Beijing, coal-to-electricity projects in Wuqing District and Beichen District in Tianjing, Taiyuan, Shanxi, Jinzhong coal to electricity project, Hebei Shijiazhuang, Rongcheng and other coal-to-electeicity projects, as well as in the commercial office, cultural and sports research, real estate, medical and other commerical areas of the central heating project to establish a number of model projects, and achieved good effects and social benefits.

Tianjin Garden and Flower Management Center Coal-fired Boiler Reconstruction Project

Jinan Licheng No. 1 Heating Project

Beijing 2017 rural coal to electric heating renovation project

Tianjin Jinghai District Chinese Medicine Hospital Heating Project

Beijing Zhonghao Investment Development Co., Ltd. Heating Project

Heating project in Kangma County, Shigatse, Tibet

Midea's central air-conditioning "coal-to-electricityhas been linked to Beijing, Tianjin and Shanxi. Because the pollution caused by northern coal heating is too serious, different heating methods are needed. Since the implementation of the coal-to-coal project, most of the polar regions have entered the winter heating period, and people will also abandon coal burning for the first time and use air source heat pumps for heating. For the first time, electricity is employed to heating, and users use it smoothly. The heating effect is better and safer than coal, and the daily power consumption is low, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Rural household heating coal to electric-air source heat pump and energy storage electric heating project

Shenshi's specialty is dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of heat exchangers. Although heat exchangers are not oriented to the end market like air conditioners and heat pump units, they directly change the everyday home and business. It is just an indispensable accessory for air-conditioning heat pump units and heating units. We provide our own self-developed heating casings for Midea, Gree, TCL, NewEnergy, Wanjulong, etc., using new heating methods to replace domestic coal stoves and coal-fired boilers, which greatly saves the country's consumption of coal and reduces The carbon emission has actively responded to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection.


The following are our high quality heat exchanger solutions for our customers in energy efficiency, clean heating:

Shenshi's two joints for southern heating casing

Function: frequency conversion heating and cooling

Heating: capacity 16KW, energy efficiency 3.3

Refrigeration: capacity 14KW, energy efficiency 2.8

Success Story: Midea, Gree

Shenshi's household heating casing

Function: frequency conversion heating + refrigeration

Heating: capacity 12KW, energy efficiency 2.3

Refrigeration: capacity 12KW, energy efficiency 2.5

Case: TCL, Wanjulong, NewEnergy

Shenshi's villa heating casing

Function: frequency conversion hot water + heating + cooling

Hot water: capacity 38KW, energy efficiency 4.5

Heating: capacity 19KW, energy efficiency 2.3

Refrigeration: capacity 25KW, energy efficiency 2.5

Case: Midea, Gree, AUX

Shenshi's commercial heating casing

Function: spray hot water + heating

Hot water: capacity 110KW, energy efficiency 4.5

Heating: capacity 55KW, energy efficiency 2.4

Case: Gree, McQuay, NewEnergy

Shenshi's casing heat exchanger

Function: sneeze heating + cooling

Heating: capacity 140KW, energy efficiency 3.1

Heating: capacity 90KW, energy efficiency 2.35

Refrigeration: capacity 120KW, energy efficiency 2.7

Case: Midea, Zhongguang, Hanyi

Clean energy and high efficiency and environmental protection are the topics of concern all over the world. Shenshi has actively responded to the domestic policy call to provide high quality energy saving and environmental protection solutions for the OEMs and suppliers. Together, they commit to the long-term development of national energy.