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Shenshi's microreactor and its application

Shenshi's microreactor and its application

May 22,2020

Shenshi's microreactor and its application

Hangzhou Shenshi Micro-Chemical Division focuses on continuous process development using micro-reaction technology. There are currently 20 R & D teams, many of whom have worked in well-known foreign companies and pharmaceutical companies. The headquarters laboratory is about 400 square meters, and has laboratories in Shanghai Organic Institute and China Jiliang University.

We implement a "one-stop" project development service: provide micro-reactor process development, industrialized system integration, and industrialized "turnkey" factory full-process technical services.

Integrated microchannel reactor: It is composed of heat exchange unit and reaction unit, and is integrally formed by diffusion welding without any other components except the base material.

High heat exchange efficiency: The heat transfer runner adopts micro-channel structure design, which effectively strengthens the heat transfer surface and improves the heat exchange efficiency; the whole is processed by diffusion welding without any contact thermal resistance except the base material;

High mass transfer and high yield: The reaction flow channel uses the cutting blocking principle and adopts a micro-channel structure design to greatly improve the mass transfer efficiency;

High pressure-bearing: Diffusion welding integrates different units, and the pressure-bearing can reach more than 20MPa; the micro-channel structure makes the internal force of the flow channel greatly reduced under high-pressure conditions, increasing the use pressure

Safety in use: high flux, low retention, and strong heat exchange, greatly reduce the safety problems caused by the reaction process;

Continuously controllable: integrated scheme design, high accuracy of temperature and flow control, and large-volume continuous production.

Shenshi patent structure

Shenshi micro-reaction unit structure

Comparison of common reaction devices

Shenshi provides customers with a series of micro-reactor products, seamlessly docking from laboratory development to industrial production.

Micro-reaction device and system:

Laboratory reaction device

reaction device

Reaction Module Product Display

Tubular Reactor

Continuous flow micro-reaction device