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Meet at the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress

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Meet at the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress

Issue Time:2020-09-11

Meet at the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress

      9.14-16.2020, the 5th International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress, will be held at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. The content of this exhibition covers the market development trend of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, fuel cell stack system technology, parts and raw material technology, hydrogen energy infrastructure construction, project roadshows and capital docking.

      Hydrogen energy is regarded as the clean energy with the most development potential in the 21st century. As a link between multi-energy transmission and integration, one of the cores of the future clean and low-carbon energy system, hydrogen energy development has become an important direction of the global energy technology revolution. The development of hydrogen fuel cell applications plays a vital role in the development of the popularization of hydrogen energy. The hydrogen energy generation method is hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are an important scenario for hydrogen energy applications, but they are not the only scenario. Hydrogen energy has great potential in the fields of chemical industry, construction, power generation, shipbuilding, and rail transit.

      HZSS is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of high-efficiency compact products such as printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE) and diffusion-bonded plate-fin heat exchanger (PFHE). The company's research and development of high-efficiency compact heat exchanger products have the advantages of non-contact thermal resistance, compact structure, small size, light weight, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life, covering almost the entire hydrogen energy industry chain. Such as methanol reforming hydrogen reformer, hydrogen liquefaction system heat exchanger, hydrogen pre-cooler, SOFC stack, high temperature heat exchanger and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle heat exchange system.

      9.14-16.2020, Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center, HZSS will meet you at booth B33.