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Shell & tube heat exchanger

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Product Profile:

HZSS shell & tube heat exchanger has the advantages of high heat transfer performance, safe ti use, compact size, high cost performance.

HZSS shell & tube heat exchanger is widely used into applications like cold and hot water modular units.


Product Feaatures:

High Efficiency

1) High efficiency heat exchanger with enhanced tubing design;
2) HZSS's patented designe of distributor adopts better cooling distribution;
3) Spiral baffles is superior to traditional baffles.


1)Designed and manufactured according to pressure vessel standards;
2) No solder joints in contact with water;
3)Extremely resistant to freezing.

Cost Performance

1)High cost performance;
2)Effectively cost controlled.



Shell and tube heat exchangers are widely used in: hot and cold water units, modular machines, general large units and other fields.

Model list of Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Cooling Capacity(kW)Evaporating temp(℃)
Water Inlet(℃)Water Outlet(℃)
Temp before Volve(℃)
Heating Capacity(kW)
Condensing Temp(℃)
Water Inlet(℃)Water Outlet(℃)Subcooling Temp(℃)Units
SS-KG065GT653.5-5¹1274373-90²49404531,2View drawing
SS-KG130GT1303.5-5¹12743146-180²49404531,2,4View drawing
Note¹ ²:HZSS shell and tube heat exchanger could provide enhanced performance on evaporating and condensing based on customization.