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heat exchanger for CO2 heat pump

Supercritical CO2 HE

Air source heat pump applied CO2 as refrigerant, and get heat from air. Over critical section co2 system heat release temperature is about 80 -100 °C, and it is very suitable for heating water.HZSS CO2 heat pump water heater gas cooler/regenerator can standa high pressure,inner tube material is BFe10-1-1,and the spiral grooves inner tube cab also enhance the heat exchangers ability for pressure standing. Besides BFe10-1-1 material can also be of anticorrosion.

Product Profile: HZSS's self developed supercritical heat exchanger is applied in transcritical carbon dioxide heatpump water heater system.

Product Features:

1. Water in the inner coil and gas in between the inner and outer coil to enhanceturbulence intensity and heat transfer coefficient.

2. Spirally corrugated  tubes increase heattransfer surface area to create higherefficiency.

3. Reliable with higher pressure stand and less welding points.

4. Anti-freezing and self cleaning.

5. Cupronickel inner tube gives better compressionperformance and corrosion resistance.

Model List of Heat Exchanger for CO2 Heat Pump
ModelRefrigerantWater flowCapacityDrawing
SS-0060GN-U-SR7440.430.10154004.5View Drawings
SS-0100GN-U-SR7440.570.13205006.0View Drawings
SS-0125GN-U-SR7440.760.17273008.0View Drawings
SS-0150GN-U-3R7441.140.264090012View Drawings
SS-0250GN-F-3R7441.510.345460016View Drawings
SS-0300GN-F-3R7442.600.599380028View Drawings
SS-0360GN-F-3R7443.310.7511940035View Drawings
SS-0300GN-U-6R7445.211.1818760055View Drawings
SS-0300GN-U-9R7446.631.5123880070View Drawings
SS-0300GN-U-12R7449.472.15341200100View Drawings
SS-0420GN-U-12R74412.782.90460600135View Drawings
Note: SS-0XXXGN, G=Carbon steel,N=Cupronickel, U=Trombone.
Test Condition:Air side temp dry/wet bulb 20/15℃, Water Inlet Temp 15℃, Water Outlet Temp 55℃.
 Air side temp dry/wet bulb 68/59°F, Water Inlet Temp 59°F, Water Outlet Temp 131°F.

ModelRefrigerant Inlet 
Refrigerant Outlet 
Water ConnectionLength(mm)Width(mm)Height (mm)A(mm)B(mm)C(mm)N(pcs)
SS-0060GN-U-S9.529.52R 1/2"420145272122452311
SS-0100GN-U-S9.529.52R 1/2"430147354122453121
SS-0125GN-U-S9.529.52R 1/2"480152394122453521
SS-0150GN-U-312.712.7R 1/2"610230463127504101
SS-0250GN-F-31616R 3/4"580325430290603851
SS-0300GN-F-31616R 3/4"680328475290604221
SS-0360GN-F-31616R 1"675340516300604561
SS-0300GN-U-62222R 1"665400669152835992
SS-0300GN-U-92222R 1-1/4"690600674352835993
SS-0300GN-U-122222R 1-1/4"690800674152835994
SS-0420GN-U-122222R 1-1/4"725900684170835994