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Heat Exchanger/Cooling Plate For Automobile Battery Cooling

    The battery thermal management system is one of the key technologies to deal with the heat related problems of batteries and ensure the performance, safety and longevity of power batteries. The main functions of the thermal management system include:
  • (1) Effective heat dissipation during high battery temperature to prevent thermal runaway.
  • (2) Preheat the battery at a low temperature to improve the battery temperature and ensure the charging, discharging performance and safety of the low temperature;
  • (3) Reduce the temperature difference in the battery pack, suppress the formation of the local hot zone, prevent the excessive attenuation of the battery in the high temperature location, and reduce the overall life of the battery pack.

HZSS micro channel heat exchanger is an excellent choice for automobile cooling plate.

Model List of Micro Channel Heat Exchanger for Automobile Heat Manage System
Product ClassificationModelCapacity(kW)Drawing
Micro channel  heat exchangerSS-0006WT-B-P0.6View Drawings
Micro channel  heat exchangerSS-0008WT-B-P0.8View Drawings
Micro channel  heat exchangerSS-0015WT-B-P1.5View Drawings
Micro channel  heat exchangerSS-0050WT-B-P5.0View Drawings
Model List of Cooling Plate for Automobile
Product NameModelDrawing
Micro channel cooling plateSS-0001WL-B-P View Drawings
Micro channel cooling plateSS-0020WJ-Ti-PView Drawings
Micro channel cooling plateSS-0020WL-B-PView Drawings
Micro channel cooling plateSS-0100WL-T-PView Drawings