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Micro-Channel Heat Exchanegr/Cooling Plate/Vapor Chamber For Electronic Components

There are many electronic components, electronic appliances, in the process of electronic appliances use electronic components will produce a lot of heat, if the quantity of heat cannot timely, the normal use of equipment will be affected by a lot of, so the cooling of electronic components are important. Because the microchannel cold plate has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and can exchange a large amount of heat, it is applicable to the cooling of electronic components in many aspects.

pic-1 example of cooling plate for electronic componient

Model List of Cooling Plate for Electronic Componient
Product ClassificationModel Drawing
Micro channel cooling plateSS-0001WL-B-PView Drawings
Micro channel cooling plateSS-0100WL-T-PView Drawings
Micro channel cooling plateSS-0020WL-B-PView Drawings

Model List of Vapor Chamber for Electronic Componient
Product ClassificationModelDrawing
Vapor ChamberSS-0020WJ-Ti-PView Drawings

Model List of Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger for Electronic Componient
Product ClassificationModel Capacity(kW)Drawing
Micro channel heat exchangerSS-0006WT-B-P0.6View Drawings
Micro channel heat exchangerSS-0008WT-B-P0.8View Drawings
Micro channel heat exchangerSS-0015WT-B-P1.5View Drawings
Micro channel heat exchangerSS-0050WT-B-P5.0View Drawings
Micro channel heat exchangerSS-0006WS-B-P0.6View Drawings