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Product Profile:

HZSS's water purifier coils have both internal and external pipes madeof food-grade stainless steel and provide users of water purifiers with safe ice water or hot water throughrefrigeration or heat pumpsystems.

Product Features:

1. Water in the inner coil and gas in between the innerand outer coil to enhanceturbulence intensity and heat transfer coefficient.

2. Spirally corrugated inner tube increase heat transfer surface tocreate higher efficiency.

3. Reliable with higher pressure stand and less welding points.

4. Anti-freezing and self cleaning.

5. Inner tube is food grade stainless steel  to ensure safety andreliability.

净水器用Micro-channel heat exchanger

Model List of Heat Exchanger for Water Purifier
ModelRefrigerantWater FlowCapacityDrawing
SS-0100GB-UR134a0.321.251001.50View Drawings
SS-0100BB-UR134a0.321.251001.50View Drawings
Test Condition:Air side temp dry/wet ball 35/24℃,water Inlet Temp 25℃,water Outlet Temp 7℃,evaporating temp 2℃.
Air side temp dry/wet ball 95/75.2°F, water Inlet Temp 77°F, water Outlet Temp 44.6°F, evaporating temp 32°F.

ModelRefrigerant Inlet 
Refrigerant Outlet 
Water Connection 

Model List of Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger for Water Purifier
The following models can be changed into titanium material
Product NameModelCapacity(kW)Drawing
Micro-channel heat exchangerSS-0006WT-B-P0.6View Drawings >
Micro-channel heat exchangerSS-0008WT-B-P0.8View Drawings >
Micro-channel heat exchangerSS-0015WT-B-P1.5View Drawings >
Micro-channel heat exchangerSS-0050WT-B-P5.0View Drawings >
Micro-channel heat exchanger SS-0006WS-B-P 0.6 View Drawings >