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Evaporation/Condenser For Salt Solution Dehumidifier

In summer, fresh air of high temperature and high humidifier from outside is pre-cooled by cold water(14℃~19℃), then the air get into dehumidification unit and become low himidication state, at last processed fresh air mixed with returned air and mixed air is sent to where needed after cold by surface air cooler. Salt solution absorb vapour, the concentration is diluted, and it is concentrated in the regeneration unit. The cooling amount of the heat pump system is used to reduce the temperature of the solution to reduce the temperature of the new wind. The heat is used to concentrate the regenerated solution and the energy efficiency is high.

In winter, far way valve in heat pump will changer the flow direction of refrigerant, fresh air of low temperature and low humidification will be humidified in humidifier after warmed by hot water(40℃/ 35℃) . Then humidified air mix with returned air and sent to where needed after heated by hot water(40℃~35℃) in surface air cooler.The solution is thickened after releasing the heat and moisture to the new wind. The concentrated solution is fed into the dehumidification unit and the new wind is in a hot wet exchange. The solution is diluted with water to enter the humidifying unit and the circulation works. The cold volume of the heat pump system is used to reduce the solution in the dehumidification unit to improve the water absorption capacity. The condensation heat is used to heat the dilute solution of the 

Model List of Heat Exchanger for Salt Solution Dehumidifier
Water flowHeat Transfer CapacityWater flowHeat Transfer Capacity
SS-0360GSTi-FR410A18.334.168260024.218.934.38530025View Drawings
SS-0480GSTi-F2R410A25.675.8311570033.926.43611910034.9View Drawings
SS-0650GSTi-F2R410A34.387.8115490045.435.448.0515970046.8View Drawings
Test Condition: As condenser, water inlet temp 30,water outlet temp 35,condensing Temp 40; as evaporator, water inlet temp 12,water outlet temp 7,evaporating Temp 2
As condenser, water inlet temp 86°F,water outlet temp 95°F, condensing Temp 104°F; As evaporator, water inlet temp 53.6°F,water outlet temp 44.6°F, evaporating Temp 35.6°F.