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cold air system for low temperature refrigeration whizzer

Cooling system for low temperature refrigeration whizzer

This product can be embedded into the user's equipment, through the refrigeration cycle of the compressor, resulting in cold air, it can keep the equipment in a constant low temperature environment.


1. Features

① Compact structure, small size.② Using brushless-condensing-speed-control-fan for cooling, to ensure the amount of refrigeration while greatly reducing the fan noise.
③ Frequency conversion control, the temperature control accuracy can reach 1 °. ④ Small space heat dissipation,to reasonable use for space, heat dissipation components and refrigeration components can be customized with customers.

2.Parameters of micro cold air system

Cooling capacityW80
Designed voltageV220
Max. currentA1.0
Temperature controlling range°C-20~-25
Overall dimensionHeat dissipation parts32.5CM×17CM×4.5CM
Cooling parts28CM×24CM×10CM
speed regulationSerial communication for regulation □ Voltage speed regulation
Temperature control methodAuto
working temperature°C5~45
storage temperature°C-20~+70
Host weightkg5.5
Host noisedB(A)45~47