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cooling system for electronic device

Electronic cooling system

This product is a specially designed for electronic cooling and research and development of mini refrigerator, can be used in electronic equipment such as a hermetic electronics cabinets IGBT laser cooling liquid product side parts for all of 316 stainless steel metal materials, corrosion resistance, and does not produce harmful metal ion liquid collateral circulation working medium for deionized water Ethylene glycol antifreeze Perfluorinated triethylamine electronic industry such as common cooling medium.

It should be used with cooling plate, and HZSS 316L stainless steel cooling palte is reconmanded.


1. Product Feature

①Small size and light weight:
The weight of the whole machine is only 4.9kg, and the size is only 290mm (L) x 178mm (W) x 205mm (H).
②High cooling capacity:
Environment temperature 30℃, liquid outlet temperature 20℃,cooling capacity can be up to 400W.
③High efficiency:
The refrigeration efficiency of the small micro refrigeration system is about 2, which is 5 times of the semiconductor refrigeration efficiency, and is far higher than other refrigeration and cooling methods.
④Easy operation:
The refrigerant connection and electrical connection of the product are both plugged by the quick connector.
⑤High temperature control accuracy:
The temperature can be manually set on the touch screen, and the product can achieve the temperature control accuracy of 1 degrees centigrade.

⑥High reliability and safety:
product development through a series of reliability and safety testing. The factory production of each product must go through the corresponding type test (vibration, pressure, high and low temperature environment, weather resistance, oil return, condensation, protection, liquid pump / fan components such as reliability, performance, electrical safety etc).

⑦High refrigerating capacity:
When the ambient temperature is 30 degrees and the outlet water temperature is 20 degrees centigrade, the refrigerating capacity is 400W.The specific gas liquefaction ability is related to latent heat and specific heat capacity.

2.Structure and Parameters