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Cooling case for computer cabinet

Cooling case for computer cabinet

This is a 700~1000W air cooled water chiller, and compressor is used for production a large amount of cold capacity. It is small and light, and can be made into a 3U~4U computer case for putting into a cabinet.

This cooling system can be applied for portable low power rate laser machine, medical quick cooling system, scient test, vehicel-mounted/plane-mounted cooling.


1. Features

①Enerfy conservation:
Using frequncy conversion dual system design, when the power rate is very low, only one system will work. So it can save energy and backup for each other.
②High efficiency:
The refrigeration efficiency of the small micro refrigeration system is about 2, which is 5 times of the semiconductor refrigeration efficiency, and is far higher than other refrigeration and cooling methods.
③High pump head:
Brushless variable frequency pump can provide high hydraulic head and big flow rate.
④Precisely control temperature:
Temperature can be set on the LCD, and temperature controlling error is ±1℃.
⑤Design as 3U computer case, easy for install:
The shape is same as a computer case, it can be installed on the cabinet directly.

⑥Safe and reliabel:
 Product development through a series of reliability and safety testing. The factory production of each product must go through the corresponding type test (vibration, pressure, high and low temperature environment, weather resistance, oil return, condensation, protection, liquid pump / fan components such as reliability, performance, electrical safety etc.).

⑦Good environmental adaptability:
It can work at 0.5 bar(high altitude) ~1 bar environment.

2.Product structure and parameters


2.1 Name coding rules


2.2 Product configuration

NoApplication typeApplication nameApplication instruction
1HostCompressorMicro DC frequency variation compressor
2EvaporationMicro-channel heat exchanger
3CondenserConcurrent flow micro-channel heat exchanger
5Display pannelTouch screen
6ShellOuter shellAluminium alloy shell with polar oxidation treatment surface.

2.3 Host structure


2.4 Host dimensions


2.5 Technical parameters

Host parameters
Nominal cooling capacityW1000
Nominal power rateW500
Host input voltageVDC20~26
Host designed voltageVDC24
Host designed electric currentA21
Host max. electric currentA30
Output water temperature range°C建议:15.0~30.0
Out line dimensionmmLength:425
Temperature control methodTouch pannel control, Host self control
Working temperature°C0~45
Storage temperature°C-20~+70
Host net weightkg12
Host noise leveldB(A)57
Circulation media 100% purified water or glycol
Shell materialAluminium Plate(1.Silver 2.Blue 3.Black 4.Others)
Note:nominal working condition temperature is 28°C, output liquid temperature is 15°C.


3.1 Working range


Note: Woking for a long time over load, the host will warn.

3.2 Cooling capacity


3.3 Battery working time


4.Fault code

F1Comprressor #1 over load/Condenser #1 blockedF15Fan #2 over load
F2Compressor #1 self protectionF16Fan #3 over load
F3Compressor #1 cummunication failureF21Water pump disconnection
F4Compressor #1 high temperature protectionF22Water pump over load/water filter blocked.
F61Compressor #2 over load/condenser 2 blockedF26Temperature sensor failure
F62Compressor #2 self protectionF27Liquid output sensor failure
F63Compressor #2 cummunication failureF28Liquid input sensor failure
F64Compressor #2 high temperature protectionF41Liquid is little or empty
F11Fan #1 disconnectionF42Environment temperature is anomaly
F12Fan #2 is disconnectionF43Antifreezing protection
F13Fan #3 disconnectionF44Power voltage too high/too low
F14Fan #1 over load  

Note: part(s) of the machine is failture, the host will continue to work, but some way it will take to resolve or replace the failure.